Technical, educational, informative. FORUM’s sessions feature expert speakers sharing essential knowledge.

The Great Plate Debate 2021

Technical specialists provide detailed descriptions of the various printing plate applications available today, and the benefits provided to the industry by continuing advances in plate making technology.

Making the Grade with Print Quality Scoring

Hear Berry Global’s printing director and premedia agency discuss where print quality scoring helped overcome print challenges and improve brand relationships.

Showcasing Emerging Products

Every part of the flexographic workflow impacts profitability, productivity and consistency. Explore the latest emerging products available today and learn how they can improve production.

Advanced Color Theory

Learn about solutions that make managing process color, spot color and screening of spot color an efficient process, before, during and after a pressrun.

FQC: Investigating Methods to Increase Efficiency & Packaging Quality

Hear the results of the latest FQC projects covering opacity measurements, optimizing color gamuts through magenta ink selection, process control with ink temperature and maximizing plate life. Plus, scholarship-recipient student research reports.

Establishing Your Starting Points FIRST

Learn how establishing standard operating procedures can streamline the flexographic workflow while yielding the results outlined in FIRST.

What Happens When FIRST Comes Second?

Walk through a print challenge with a CPC, its prepress provider and printer to discover what happens when the absence of FIRST principles causes a loss in consistency and repeatability.

Enhancing Print Quality Through Screening

Hear a discussion of the expectations and implementations of modern screening technologies, with real-world examples and proven results.

Correcting the Defectives, Correct the Defects

Watch print defects demonstrated on virtual reality presses, listen to industry experts discuss possible causes and corrections, and follow a discussion of the final solutions.

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