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Showcasing Emerging Products

    May 11

    2:30 p.m. ET

    FTA’s Virtual Conference Center

We always hear about emerging technologies as they relate to heavy equipment. However, what about the consumables we use every day? Every part of the flexographic workflow impacts profitability, productivity and consistency.
Explore the latest emerging products available today and learn how they can improve flexographic production.
FORUM 2021 Paul Teachout headshot

The Crossfit Converter: Achieving Consistent Color Across Multiple Technologies

Paul Teachout, Anderson & Vreeland

Production orders can vary in length, and the ability to match short- and long-run work is a common request. Is there really a way to utilize digital print production and have it match long-run flexography? Does it make sense to swap processes when larger orders are received?

Paul begins with a high-level overview defining the variables in the process. Utilizing examples, he will then walk through the process, explaining the steps involved in matching technologies, the latest tools for color conversion in prepress and printed quality control, and any pitfalls to avoid.

FORUM 2021 Peter Mulheran headshot

Gaining Efficiencies with Laser Anilox Cleaning

Peter J. Mulheran, Eaglewood Technologies

While laser anilox cleaning has been around for many years, advancements in cleaning speeds, safety, and cleaning capabilities have catapulted it to the forefront.

Peter will discuss IoT 4.0 features like automated reporting, smartphone functionality, RFID or barcode reading, remote technical support and microscope integration. Together, they allow new laser cleaning technologies to fully control anilox inventories and maximize production efficiencies.

FORUM 2021 Paul Zeinert headshot

The Need for Speed

Paul Zeinert, Lohmann Technologies

No, we are not talking about Top Gun or racecars; we are talking about how foam and adhesive can help improve the speed of today’s (and yesterday’s) presses. How about the adhesive? Does it have a role in press speed?

Paul will explain why tape is about more than just holding a plate to a sleeve or cylinder—It plays a vital role in maximizing pressroom production and print quality. He will also cover the pros and cons of reusing tape and how they affect your operation.

Session Chair

FORUM 2021 John Rastetter headshot
John Rastetter

Session Chair

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Rick Guebert
GMG Color

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