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FQC: Investigating Methods to Increase Efficiency & Packaging Quality

    May 20

    10:00 a.m. ET

    FTA’s Virtual Conference Center

Improving efficiency and packaging quality are guiding objectives of FQC research. Hear the results of the latest FQC projects, focusing on opacity measurements, optimizing color gamuts through magenta ink selection, process control with ink temperature and maximizing plate life.
Additionally, student scholarship recipients will present their research on postprint corrugated distortion calculations, Digimarc technology to facilitate brands’ recycling initiatives and increasing ink density with print variables.
FORUM 2021 Ed Dedman headshot

Opacity Measurement Test Method & Instrumentation

Ed Dedman, Zeller+Gmelin

Ed will outline the steps taken to identify project parameters, desired outcomes, creation of a design of experiment (DOE), data generated by that DOE, and the conclusions drawn from the data.

Attendees will gain the following knowledge and tools:

  • An understanding of how current widely used measurement devices correlate to legacy opacity measurement devices and technologies
  • A simple Correlation Table to aid in communicating opacity standards and measurements
  • Work instructions for commonly used measurement devices for accurately and consistently measuring opacity using those tools
FORUM 2021 Peter Pretzer headshot

The Magenta Conundrum

Peter Pretzer, Fujifilm
FORUM 2021 Ann Warzecha Mark Portelli headshot combo

Water-Based & UV Flexographic Ink Temperature Study

Ann Warzecha, AWT and Mark Portelli, Saint Clair Systems

The Ink Temperature Control Study was designed to get a better understanding of ink characteristics and parameters that impact print and press performance. Currently there are challenges of ink laydown, ink spitting, mottled print and misting that aren’t easily managed or understood.

This presentation will be a follow-up to last year’s report defining the intent of this study. Ann and Mark will share results and data from the first DOE where they manipulated ink temperature incrementally and took measurements of its impact on print quality.

What we intend to understand is whether ink temperature can be correlated to the challenges of ink control during production (laydown, ink spitting, mottled print or misting).

Plate Life Indicator Project

PJ Fronczkiewicz, XSYS Global and Kevin Schilling, Miraclon

PJ and Kevin will give an update on the FQC’s plate life project. Its purpose is to measure the variables of surface-patterned plates that are changing from their initial state due to ink solvent swelling and the evaporation process, and understand how these correlate to the transfer of solids in the print.

The potential outcome from this could be an easily measured identifier that will alert the printer that a plate will no longer perform as expected and should not be put back on press (and rather, remade). This could be an advantageous time and cost savings for printers that struggle with repeating results on press when reprinting plates.

FORUM 2021 Catherine Bromels headshot

Can the Differential Distortion of Postprint Corrugated be Calculated?

Cat Bromels, Clemson University

Color-to-color misregistration is easily identified visually and should be easy to resolve with minor press-side adjustments. However, this seemingly simple adjustment ignores a variable unique to flexographic plates for postprint corrugated; that they “stretch.”

This has been a known long-standing challenge to press operators, yet there is no solution that has been embraced industry wide. “Stretch” is simply accepted as a de facto standard.

Cat’s research intends to describe the factors that had the greatest effect on differential distortion, and how these factors interact with one another.

FORUM 2021 Alice Ish headshot

Comparing Delta E 2000 of Brand Spot Colors with Digimarc Enhancement for Recycling

Alice Ish, California Polytechnic State University

Sustainable practices are a point of critical focus for both flexographic printers and CPCs. One way sustainability is addressed is through identification technology to sort the recycling stream in a materials recovery facility.

Alice’s research aims to show how flexographic printing can be used to implement this new auto-identification system with optimum techniques for brand color management. The key component of this research is the use of Digimarc technology, providing a means to encode the packaging graphics or container and a means to decode the identifier via high-speed scanning technology.

In this research, printing plates are enhanced through four different methods, dependent upon the spot color to which they will be applied. After printing, the Delta E 2000 of each test target of each spot color is measured in comparison to a control target. This will give insight to which technique can be employed to be effective for scanning while creating the least change in the spot color appearance. Further, this research may lead to pigment adjustments needed for color compensation related to Digimarc enhancement.

FORUM 2021 Micah Purser headshot

The Best Variables for an Opaque White Print

Micah Purser, Central Piedmont Community College

Micah’s project seeks to find the combination of variables that would help opaque white ink print on both craft and film substrates. Her research tested a combination of 80 different configurations of variables to see which produced the cleanest print, focusing mainly on film substrate.

The objective was to find a way to put data behind each configuration so printers can know what best to use in their run, cutting out material waste and time used in testing.

FORUM 2021 Phoenix Challenge headshot

Presentation from the 2021 Phoenix Challenge College Competition-Winning Team

Session Chair

FORUM 2021 Jean Engelke headshot
Jean Engelke
FQC Chair

Session Chair

FORUM 2021 Joe Riccardella headshot
Joe Riccardella
ABX Innovative Packaging Solutions

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FORUM 2021 On Demand

Missed FORUM 2021? With FORUM 2021 On Demand, you can purchase access to individual sessions.
Watch and rewatch technical presentations from any internet-connected device, and download presentation proceedings to follow along and take notes.

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