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Establishing Your Starting Points FIRST (101)

    May 14

    10:00 a.m. ET

    FTA’s Virtual Conference Center

When documented protocols are not followed, production becomes unpredictable. Where does that unpredictability originate? In prepress, on the pressroom floor or at the customer?
Discovering its origins begins by examining internal standard operating procedures. Once they are documented and aligned to FIRST, production becomes repeatable and predictable.
Learn how establishing these procedures can streamline the flexographic workflow while yielding the results outlined in FIRST.
FORUM 2021 Shawn Scheel headshot

How Inks Can Impact Efficiency in the Pressroom

Shawn Scheel, ACTEGA

The variability of ink, and equipment associated with the delivery of ink, can have a significant effect on efficiency in the pressroom. Having an awareness of how to control those variables can result in significant increases in productivity.

Shawn will address proper inspection and quality control when inks reach a printing facility, and what measures are likely in place to control those products.

Additionally, information will be offered regarding on-site handling of inks before and during printing, identifying “areas of interest” where opportunities for improved efficiency may be present.

FORUM 2021 Sean Teufler headshot

Mastering the Anilox Roll Process

Sean Teufler, Harper Corporation of America

Sean will provide an overview of the anilox roller and its parts before explaining how and why an anilox works, how to take measurements and how to implement process control into your work environment.

He will also cover calibration, cell condition, anilox care, scope utilization and standard operating procedures.

FORUM 2021 Cori Devin headshot

Plate Making 101

Cori Devlin, DuPont Cyrel® Solutions

Cori brings an overview of why plate optimization is critical to having consistent, repeatable color and results on press. She will discuss the tools necessary for plate making optimization.

Between different workflows, round and flat top dots, different screening options and other variables, process control requirements are even more essential to ensure repeatable and consistent results for your customers.

Session Chair

FORUM 2021 Keith Nagle headshot
Keith Nagle
Phoseon Technology

Session Chair

FORUM 2021 David Watson headshot new
David Watson
tesa tape Inc

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