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Optimizing Print Quality Through Prepress Technology

    May 21

    10:00 a.m. ET

    FTA’s Virtual Conference Center

With so many advancements and innovations in modern screening technologies, it can be confusing and often difficult to figure out which will yield the best results.
Optimization is the key element in determining how and where these innovations should be applied. This discussion of the expectations and implementations will feature real-world examples with proven results.
FORUM 2021 Michael Bialko headshot

Screening Technology in Workflow Systems That Makes Flexographic Print Better

Michael Bialko, Kodak

Hybrid screening has been around in workflows since the late 1990s. In 2003, Creo (now Kodak) introduced new technology for flexography for print-related issues, called Prinergy. Prinergy’s approach was to design software screening technology to address CTP and any plate limitations on image quality.

However, limitations in CTP and plate technology limited the use of hybrid screening to certain printers with certain types of artwork. Prepress operators had to sort through artwork color by color and apply screening object by object to enable drop shadows to fade to zero, while not making pictorial images appear too grainy.

Michael will show how modern workflow solutions can take away the manual touch points for applying this screening in an automatic fashion.

FORUM 2021 Mark Samworth headshot

Crystal Screening with LED Plate Exposure: Improving Print Quality Through Prepress Technology

Mark Samworth, Esko

Quality control in the printing industry is as much about waste reduction as it is about visual appearance. In many cases, both of these attributes are more cost effectively optimized through prepress technology than press technology.

Two specific prepress technologies that have proven to increase print quality are Crystal Screening and LED Plate Exposure. Mark will review the science behind these technologies, then present real-world case studies of four converters using these technologies in production.

Session Chair

FORUM 2021 Kariahlyn Lindsey headshot
Kariahlyn Lindsey
Accredo Packaging

Session Chair

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Laura Wright

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