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Why Attend FORUM?

FORUM is a technical conference built around the topics most important to flexographers.

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For more than six decades, FORUM has been an annual meeting of the minds.

It’s where flexography’s technical experts, foremost authorities and thought leaders come to share knowledge and educate their peers at all levels.

FORUM provides an unrivaled learning opportunity that yields benefits for employees and their employers for years to come.




Technical Sessions


In-Depth Presentations


Industry Experts

“As a CPC, we go to FORUM to learn about the advancements of screening/plates/inks so we can see if our print vendors are keeping up with the times and to encourage them to move into some of these new technologies.”

“FORUM really checks all the boxes!”

“I found FORUM to be one of the best events that I have ever attended in my many years in the print industry. Informative, concise and educational.”

“From my perspective working at both ends—printer and brand representative—I find FORUM invaluable in covering all aspects of the flexographic world.”

Attending FORUM means attending a conference created by flexographers who are dealing with the same questions, issues, trends and customer needs as you are.

FORUM 2022 Registration FORUM 2022
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The benefits of attending FORUM are both immediate and long-lasting, and reach both employees and their employers.

Production workers,

including press operators, press assistants, plate mounters and ink technicians,

receive the professional development needed to be productive using modern pressroom tools and techniques.

Prepress professionals,

including graphic artists, prepress technicians, desktop operators, plate makers and color technicians,

are educated on how to excel in the use of modern prepress workflow software and hardware.

Production management,

including pressroom supervisors, prepress supervisors, managers and company owners,

gain the knowledge of modern pressroom and prepress tools, industry trends, and state-of-the-art techniques needed to support production staff.


including manufacturers, distributors and their technical support staff,

bring their knowledge base up to the same level as their customers, empowering their ability to demonstrate value as true print partners.

At FORUM 2022, you can corral the latest technologies and solutions powering the flexographic printing industry, and start proving the results, over and over, to your print buyers.

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